Tieman’s Fusion Coffees
Better Coffee. Better For You.

The founding

Tieman's has been helping people achieve greater health and wellness for over 24 years.
Tieman’s Fusion Coffees is founded on a passion to help others and a natural gift for creating innovative and healthy products,
With so many coffee drinkers out there, we realized that there was a great opportunity to create a better cup of coffee - and said, “As the number two drink behind water, what better way to help people than to create a great tasting cup of coffee that provides great health benefits as well”.

With a bit of divine inspiration, we discovered the health benefits and complex flavor that Matcha, Rooibos and Goji bring when they are fused with coffee – "there is simply nothing else like our coffees on the market.”

Ultimately it’s been the founder's experience and knowledge that led to the unique formula and fusing process of natural, whole ingredients with coffee to produce a very healthy beverage. Not a bad way to start the day. Which is exactly what he set out to do.

“I created a coffee that tastes incredible, but more importantly it’s good for you. That was my goal. All one has to do is pour a cup, drink, relax and start soaking up the goodness – in little time you’ll start feeling the results.”

“I am committed to bringing healthy products to consumers to help them achieve greater wellness in a way that fits their lifestyles. Incredible taste and benefits in every cup is my promise to you.”

The company
At Tieman’s Fusion Coffees (and Teas) we’re determined to change the world one beverage at a time.

It started as a simple idea. Create a better cup of coffee. And that journey has led us to discover (and develop) our own unique Fusion process and a menu of whole, natural ingredients that are changing the way the world views coffee. And Tea. And other great ingredients.

The idea of fusing is of course not new. But fusing teas, herbs and other natural ingredients with coffee is. Up until now, coffee has remained pretty much the same throughout history. Sure, companies added flavorings, mixed beans with other beans, but no one has developed a good tasting, good for you coffee drink.

The process, the ingredients deliver a better cup of coffee. And as we delve forward, we’ll bring other products to the market. Like all natural instant teas that really quench the thirst while boosting energy and the bodies natural immune system.

So we hope you enjoy our coffee and the beverages we’re still creating.